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Speaking of Hatred Part I: Deconstructing the gendered nature of religion-based hate and violence

What are the most effective responses to hate speech and violence? To address the rising trend of hate speech and hate crimes, APC is hosting a series of presentations, with a special focus on the Asian context.

In the first of the three presentations, on 10 June 2020, Dr. Geetha spoke about the nature of hate – an emotion that seems ubiquitous in our current world – and explored a number of questions: How we can make sense of the hatred around us? Where does it come from? What are its consequences? And how should we respond to it?

The rise in hate speech has been a disturbing trend in recent years, fuelled by an increase in internet connectivity and access to social media. However, as Dr. Geetha points out, this hate speech, though widespread, is not new – it is in fact an extension of organised hate that in many cases has long and complex histories.

These sessions are part of the APC project Challenging hate narratives and violations of freedom of religion and expression online in Asia, which focuses on freedom of expression and religion in South and Southeast Asia, and on understanding and countering hate speech online, by generating narratives and discourses that defend diverse opinions.


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