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Access Sound Bites at the IGF 2023: Deep inequality conditions to access the internet in Brazil

Listen to Camila Leite from the IDEC, the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection, about the challenges and strong inequality faced to access the internet in Brazil.

This interview was done by Nils Brock during the Internet Governance Forum 2023 pre-event "Putting gender equality at the heart of the Global Digital Compact", co-organised by DW Akademie, REDES A.C. and ISEA.

Listen more Access Sound Bites at the IGF 2023: https://videos.apc.org/u/apc/collection/access-sound-bites-at-the-internet-governance-forum-2023/


9 months, 1 week ago

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community networks · digital inclusion · connectivity · IGF · Camila Leite

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