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OpenWRT/LibreMesh image building learning group

As part of the #cops:activeinfra community of practice, we have been exploring the possibilities of OpenWRT Image building in order to try to work on Expanding OpenWRT/LibreMesh hardware support .

We will be sharing a learning session facilitated by @hiure to learn together how to build images of OpenWRT and LibreMesh so we can incorporate our own packages and customizations.

In order to participate actively, it is expected to have an ssh client. If you use GNU/Linux or MacOSX, there is a high chance you already have it.

If you use Windows, you can download putty from here: https://www.putty.org/

We will be documenting the process and build or enhance documentation along the way, so if you are keen to draw, do diagrams or document, join too!!

Read more: https://communitynetworks.group/t/openwrt-libremesh-image-building-learning-group/823


1 year, 11 months ago

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