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Traffic Control on OpenWRT and LibreMesh (second round)

Thanks to @amuza we had a very insightful introduction to traffic control on OpenWRT. You can explore more at Traffic Control on OpenWRT and LibreMesh 11

Now we will dig deeper and see how to configure traffic control on OpenWRT.

This is done as part of the #cops:activeinfra learning group. We are organizing a series of gatherings to share learnings about topics related to active infrastructure, that being the elements of the infrastructure that are configurable and customizable (like wireless routers).

We hope to learn from him and contribute towards building Traffic control on LibreMesh 2 .

Everyone is welcomed to join and learn together.

More info here: https://communitynetworks.group/t/traffic-control-on-openwrt-and-libremesh-second-round/888


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