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Sandra talks about being a young woman during the war in the Congo, losing her parents, being caught by fighters and witnessing her sister’s rape. She described her happiness at sharing her story and helping other women.

Story, drawings and music by Mbemba Sandra

Photos and video by Sara Ahoui, Bikoumou Georgette, Boukaka Garcia, Clarisse Museme Bukozi, Kayode Egbeleye, Amy Hill, Louhounou Adrienne, Mbemba Sandra and Aime-Christian Ndotah

Interpretation and translation by Mazinga Thyldan Godsman, Ipamila T. Loukombot Lamini, Zobrizi Yosee Marinella, Radegonde Quenabia

This story was created in a workshop led by Silence Speaks.


8 years, 9 months ago

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digital story · Africa · VAW

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