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Assessing risk in campaigns: Claim safer spaces

Enjoy this new Feminist Learning Circle from Take Back the Tech!

Description: Do you want to make your next campaign safer? Do you want to know more about risk assessment in a safe feminist learning space? This FLC webinar will give you a light and jargon-free introduction to risk assessments - why they are important, how to do them, and what they might mean for you and your work!

Instructors: Paola Mosso is a feminist Chilean journalist who promotes responsible and effective engagement with tech and data. She is the Tech Team Lead at The Engine Room, and supports partners in designing and integrating healthy internal security practices. Barbara is a Brazilian activist and researcher who is interested in exploring how technology and data can help us achieve social justice. She has worked defending the right to public information and transparency, advocating for open government, supporting women’s rights and mobilizing against racism and online abuse. Barbara co-founded Minas Programam, an initiative designed to share knowledge about technology with girls and women from Sao Paulo. She enjoys running and reading books that instigate new thoughts.

Session recorded on 21 November 2019



2 years, 9 months ago

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