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A New Beginning

Piyal went to an all boys’ school. Due to financial issues he had to stay in the hostel. He remembers how his mother would visit him with sweets once a week. He recalls a surprising moment when the dancing Sir took him to his room after school hours. Several days later a senior student asked him to come to the computer room. Piyal was in Grade 12 at the time. Piyal walked into the room not knowing what would happen. The two of them were alone. This was the moment that they became lovers. Piyal talks about his relationships after he left school. He talks about meeting a handsome long haired man and how they built a relationship. This man introduces Piyal to sex work and although Piyal did enjoy it, as he received money, he talks about falling into the hands of the police. In prison an inmate told him about an organisation called Heart 2 Heart. Once he left prison, Piyal visited the organisation. He received counselling services and was able to get a job at the organisation to suit his qualifications. Today Piyal says that he is happy because he got an opportunity to work for people who are like him.


6 years, 6 months ago

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Sri Lanka · Erotics · sexuality · sex work · LGBTIQ

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